Following our recent visit to the Palma Yacht Show, we thought about the questions we get asked about energy reducing strategies for on board refrigeration systems on super yachts. The answer was simple. Our System Performance Analysis survey. This specialist equipment can analyse your climate control and provisions refrigeration performance, to have an immediate impact on energy and cost saving. It is also an excellent training tool that allows engineers to `see` what is happening within their HVAC system in real time.Your luxury yacht is not quite so luxurious when the air con goes down, or is not working at optimum efficiency. Or perhaps the provisions refrigeration cant reach its set temperature, no fresh food storage.

We use our performance analysis to check:

  • Cooling Capacity
  • Heating Capacity
  • C.O.P. (Cooling & Heating)
  • Isentropic Efficiency
  • Sub-cooling/Superheat
  • Refrigerant Charge Evaluation
  • Power Consumption

No Need For:

  • Water Flow Rates
  • Air Flow Rates
  • Air or Water Temperatures
  • Refrigerant Flow Rates

Real time performance                                                                                Dashboard – visualisation                                Graphs are important to optimise controls   

We can offer advice for ongoing maintenance and provide a full report on the operating condition of each piece of equipment with guidance on how to improve the unit’s performance. By measuring operating pressures, temperatures, amperage, superheat and subcooling, we can determine the “health” of the unit and make recommendations on how to improve its efficiency.



For a limited time we have joined this with our

  • Refrigeration Masterclass training,
  • Fgas 2079 Certification,
  • onboard training
  • 1 year technical support

You can this amazing limited time offer and have peace of mind with efficient HVAC systems, maintained by trained engineers for the 2019 season. EXPIRED