We would like to introduce you to a useful spreadsheet, that will help you to monitor the amount of refrigerant being used onboard. As you are aware, refrigerants leaking to atmosphere is one of the contributing factors to global warming and climate change, so legislation such as the Montreal & Kyoto Protocols, MARPOL, FGas Regulations, etc require us to keep records of all refrigerant usage. And don’t just think this is a policing exercise for regulators. We see it from the perspective that refrigerant is also very expensive to purchase, so it makes good financial sense to monitor how much you are using. Sometimes it can be very surprising how much refrigerant has been added to a system over a 12 month period and the value of the new refrigerant could have been better spent on upgrading the equipment. So not only is there a regulations based requirement for refrigerant usage monitoring, but there is also a financial interest as well.

DOWNLOAD SPREADSHEET – Click on image below