2020 brings celebrations for Tradewinds Engineering as the company is now in its 10th year of operations. Throughout this time, we have had the pleasure of supporting our clients around the world from a wide and diverse range of marine and offshore industries. The early years of the business saw a particular focus on the oil and gas industry and allowed us to work on HVAC related projects from offshore surveys of entire platforms including pressurisation issues, ATEX equipment manufacturing and equipment upgrades. We’ve worked with Offshore Inspectors BEIS by updating them on the latest FGas Regulations and also built 3D modelling software to help clients get a better understanding of their platforms.

In 2016, we expanded our services to the Superyacht industry, which has allowed us to provide consultancy and commissioning services on some of the worlds largest yachts. We continue to develop this side of the business and look forward to helping our clients improve the performance of their hvac equipment, which ultimately leads to significant fuel savings when it’s been commissioned correctly. We’ve represented clients as expert 3rd party witnesses to assist with disputes and offered performance analysis of the chillers to identify the exact deficiencies and how they can be resolved. With our industry experience, we continue to offer the latest products and services, ensuring our clients can maintain the best indoor air quality and reliable provisions refrigeration systems.

To strengthen our availability in the Superyacht industry and allow us to be better positioned to help our clients, in 2020 we opened a new office and training school in Palma de Mallorca.


Since the formation fo the company, we’ve been heavily involved in training engineers from all over the world about the refrigeration process, ventilation and other HVAC related systems.

Our HVAC Training courses include:

REFRIGERATION MASTERCLASS – This is an exclusive coaching program giving you 6 weeks of working directly with one of our HVAC trainers. Each week, a new topic will be released, and you are required to read through the study guides, watch the videos and complete the e-lessons and quizzes. We will then schedule a conference call to go through the content and any questions can be answered immediately. You then progress onto the next module. This is the best way that we can help you, as it allows us to go much further into troubleshooting, service, maintenance and commissioning. The practical training can then be added at a later date.

5 DAY PRACTICAL MARINE REFRIGERATION – This course covers the practical aspects of refrigeration and teaches you how to repair, troubleshoot and commission these systems.

VENTILATION & AIR BALANCING – An essential course for anyone working on ventilation systems in the marine or offshore industry.

FUNDAMENTALS OF MARINE REFRIGERATION – This course explains the fundamentals of marine refrigeration, including Thermodynamics, heat transfer, the vapour compression cycle & refrigerants. it also looks at how to repair a marine refrigeration system to industry standards

We continue to provide this training as one of our main services and have both practical and online training course. SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.