Project 626

We were approached Late last year to design, upgrade, supply and replace a chilled water system onboard a 71m vessel.  Our client also required an overhaul of the Provisions onboard to include removing the existing refrigerant and replacing with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant to reduce the GWP. We started the project onsite in STP Shipyard, Palma de Mallorca at the beginning of September, we finished on schedule in mid-December. We have worked in unison with the Project Management Company, The Yacht Agents, The Shipyard, The Chief Engineer.

The design process and development has been taken into the hands of our design engineer, Matt Lee. He has worked to utilize the existing support structure to replace a large shell and tube heat exchanger with a brazed plate heat exchanger. This required carful planning regarding the cut and braze points for the existing chilled water pipe work, and the installation of new support beams to support a 282kg heat exchanger.The existing chilled water air conditioning system consisted of x2 of 270kW water cooled chillers (2x135kW circuits per chiller), giving a total cooling capacity onboard the vessel of 540kW. As part of the upgrade, we increased the cooling capacity to 2x 160kW circuits per chiller giving a total cooling capacity of 640kW.

PLC upgraded for both chillers.

We removed and replaced the first chiller, commissioning the system before starting the second. Provisions overhaul fitted in the middle of the chiller replacements. Along the way we have also carried out several additional works, including installing FCU’s, replace the Sea Water and Chilled water Pumps, Flushing the Chilled Water System and more. We are proud of the existing and newly formed relationships with both UK and European suppliers.