TRADEWINDS Chilled Water Fan Coil Units – Standard Units

£1,440.00£4,757.00 Excl. VAT & Shipping

Corrosion proof chilled water fan coil units for yachts and the marine industry. Quiet, elegant and built to last.


TRADEWINDS Chilled Water Fan Coil Units

The TRADEWINDS TFC chilled water fan coil units are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to provide stable cabin temperatures all year round. Available in three different configurations – Standard, Slimline Vertical and Slimline Horizonal, the TFC fan coil unit has a cooling capacity ranging from 6,000Btu/h up to any customised capacity required.

To help prevent corrosion the TFC units are manufactured using 304SS for the casing and drain pan, whilst the Cu/Al evaporator coil is further protected using blue hydrophilic epoxy coating. The filters are framed to allow ease of cleaning and each unit has 3 fixing brackets to secure it to the floor.

Features & Benefits

Stainless Steel casing and drain pan Blue Hydrophilic Epoxy coated coil Framed filter for ease of cleaning Oversized drain to reduce blockages Fresh Air Duct connection

Airflow – Top discharge or Side discharge Electric Heating – Optional


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