Palma based Air Conditioning contractor company Tradewinds Marine Refrigeration Services provide design, installation, service, maintenance and commissioning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems found on superyachts, container ships, merchant navy vessels as well as offshore oil & gas installations, jackups and drill ships.

Performance Analysis Surveys

Imagine being able to measure the exact performance of your chillers. Can any of your contractors tell you exactly how many kW of cooling its producing? Let’s say its a 150kW Capacity chiller. Wouldn’t you want to know if its actually producing that much cooling at the most efficient operation. ie you want the most amount of cooling for the lowest cost possible. Inefficient systems require more load on the engines and ultimately lead to high fuel costs. Our test equipment allows us to do exactly that.

Equipment Upgrades

We all know how corrosive the marine environment can be and the damage it causes to equipment. Refrigeration condenser coils perish, steel frames flake away over time and the ductwork turns to rust. With the ageing assets in the North Sea and abroad, it is critical to make sure these systems are maintained as much as possible.

However, there always comes a time when HVAC systems need to be replaced and it’s important you get the right support to help you manage these upgrades.


The commissioning of HVAC systems for an offshore platform or marine vessel can be quite a challenge. Whether it’s in the shipyards or on a fixed installation offshore, our highly experienced commissioning engineers are trained and ready to help you get your HVAC equipment operating correctly.

Service & Maintenance

With decades of experience in the marine HVAC industry, we have the skills and expertise to fully install and maintain your refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Whether it’s the chillers for the living quarters, galley freezers, SCR room air conditioning or shale shaker room extract system, we are here to help you maintain this equipment and comply with the latest F-Gas regulations. We can also help to review your recommended spare parts list, by predicting the most likely types of faults and ensuring the correct amount of spares are stored offshore.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you are looking for a Palma Air Conditioning contractor at [email protected]