Project History

Total North Alwyn – AHU Replacement FEED Study

The North Alwyn platform has been experiencing significantly high pressurization problems throughout the living quarters. During our offshore survey visit, we were able to resolve the pressurization issues which have been a concern for quite some time. Total is also looking to replace the main AHU and we have investigated all possible options to give Total the information they need to make an informed decision about which replacement option to choose.

Our scope of work includes a full detailed design review for both the D07 and ALQ modules. We thoroughly reviewed the replacement methodology and provided a budgetary cost analysis for each option.

Ensco 101 – Replace Coolroom Floor

A Health & Safety concern was raised by catering staff about the amount of water underneath the floor of the walk-in chiller. We removed the old floor and disinfected the whole area. A new floor was installed including additional supports to reduce flexing of the floor plates due to traffic. The evaporator coil was disinfected and a new drain was installed throughout.

Ensco 72 – Installation of X3 New Air Conditioning Units In The SCR Room

Following a recent survey, it was discovered that there was not enough cooling capacity in the SCR Room and especially during major drilling operations. We supplied and installed x3 twin circuit air conditioning systems which now provides plenty of redundancy with x6 circuits in total. Should one circuit trip out on fault then the other 5 circuits will still provide effective cooling at these times.

Ensco 72 – Pressure Testing & Commissioning Accommodations HVAC System

The accommodations air conditioning system has been short cycling and it was evident that it was short of refrigerant. We removed all refrigerant from both systems and fully pressure tested each circuit. At the same time we completed a full service by replacing the compressor oil, filter drier cores and suction strainers. The oil in one compressor was found to be very contaminated so a major cleanup procedure was was carried out. Upon repairing all leaks on the system we set about fully commissioning each circuit including setting up the main controller, testing the unloader operation and setting up the thermal expansion valves to give the best efficiency for the evaporator coils.

Ensco 72 SCR Heat Load Analysis (Ensco) – Denmark

During major drilling operations, the SCR room overheats due to increased electrical load on the cabinets and not enough cooling capacity on the originally installed AC units. We were invited to complete a detailed Heat Load Analysis prior to installation of new air conditioning units. This identified that the required cooling duty was actually double the capacity that was installed. We are currently procuring the new units and look forward to replacing them in March 2014.

Ensco 70 SCR Air Conditioning Repairs (Ensco) – North Sea UK

The SCR room air conditioning units were in poor condition with a variety of faults and failures. This caused the main distribution panels to shut down and it was critical that these systems were repaired immediately.

We received an emergency callout to the Ensco 70 and mobilized immediately. All x3 systems were repaired and commissioned over a 3 day period, however room temperatures were returned to normal within 8hrs of being on site.

Ensco 80 Galley Freezer Room Faulty (Ensco) – North Sea UK

The main galley freezer room compressor had failed causing a major loss of product. We received an emergency callout to the Ensco 80 and mobilized immediately. The system was repaired enough to maintain operation however a new compressor was required. Due to the special power supply for this unit (260v/3ph 60Hz) we arranged for a new compressor to be manufactured in the United States. Following a 12 week build time we expect to be installing the new compressor in Feb 2014.

Ensco 80 Living Quarters & SCR Room AC Service (Ensco) – North Sea UK

Completed full service and maintenance on all air conditioning systems to comply with the Offshore F-Gas Regulations. Identified all repairs required for a total of 7 refrigeration and air conditioning systems and ordered materials accordingly. Follow-up works are due for completion in Feb 2014.

We also carried out a risk analysis on the systems to identify which emergency spare parts need to be stored on board for future breakdowns.

North Alwyn Alpha & Bravo Platforms (Total E&P UK) – HVAC Design Review & 3D Modelling

Tradewinds Engineering were contracted directly by Total E&P UK to conduct a full design review of all HVAC and Refrigeration equipment on board the North Alwyn Alpha and Bravo platforms. Thorough heat load calculations were carried out to confirm the cooling capacity of the chillers and ventilation systems, as it was critical that they would meet the current cooling requirements.

In addition, we have been tasked with producing a 3D model of all the HVAC systems to provide a graphical representation of individual system layouts. Both architectural and duct work drawings are being produced to a complex standard.

North Alwyn Alpha & Bravo Platforms (Total E&P UK) – HVAC Condition Survey & Upgrade Report

As consultants, we were asked to carry out an offshore survey and report on the R22 refrigerant that needs to be replaced in their cooling systems. An F Gas equipment register was produced, along with an implementation strategy to either retrofit or replace the existing equipment. Part of the survey also including taking airflow measurements and comparing the actual versus design conditions. This highlighted areas of concern and allowed us to prioritise the upgrade strategy.

We also reported on the condition of each piece of equipment and advised on the requirements of obtaining a further 20 years of operation.

Elgin Platform (Total E&P UK) – Galley Refrigeration Survey

We carried out an offshore survey of x4 chill rooms and x3 freezer rooms to recommend a solution to upgrading the equipment. We then provided a proposal to supply and install ATEX rated refrigeration equipment.

Baku (Tyco FIS UK) – End client is BP – Build of Mobile Training Module & Provision of HVAC training

We built and supplied one of our MTU20 mobile training modules, which allows us to carry out our full range of HVAC training courses at the BAKU terminal in Azerbaijan. We are contracted to train x8 local engineers from basic level to competent engineer status.

Borgsten Dolphin (Dolphin Drilling)

Contracted to commission the ventilation systems for the new additional living quarters and heli-lounge modules. Tasks included all pre-commissioning & final commissioning checks to ensure system was installed and operating as per design.

DeKastri Storage And Offloading Facility (Exxonmobil) – Sakhalin Island, Russia – Project Supervision, Service & Maintenance

Our role was to commission the DX refrigerated cooling systems for the 4 sub-stations and later provided Supervision of the on-site contractors for Exxonmobil. As the commissioning engineers we had to replace all of the pipework for the sub-stations, which had been poorly installed and also 3 times larger than specified on the design drawings. We then pressure tested all pipe work and evacuated to remove contaminants from the system. Once all evacuation tests were passed, we charged with R407c refrigerant and completed all commissioning and documentation.

Orlan Platform (Exxonmobil) – Sakhalin Island, Russia – Commissioning, Service & Maintenance

Contracted to work on the Orlan Platform on Sakhalin Island. From the commissioning phase we were responsible for all areas concerning the HVAC equipment. This ranged from the Provisions Refrigeration System and Air Handling Units to Fire Dampers and Air Balancing/Pressurization in Hazardous Areas.

Our role also included:

  • Equipment upgrades and recommendations to the client to improve equipment performance.
  • Implementation of maintenance schedule’s into the IPES/SAP system
  • Production of the recommended spare part’s list and Bill of Material’s.

Other completed works included:

  • Supervising PLC Upgrade, writing strategies, procedures and function testing new installation.
  • Carrier Condenser Unit Control Panel replacements
  • Provisions Refrigeration Upgrade
  • Shaker Room and Main Air Compressor Room ductwork modifications
  • Writing regular reports about the status of the AC equipment and any relevant improvements

Bayu Undan (Conoco Philips) – East Timor Sea – Service & Maintenance

3 week Visit to Offshore Platform for annual servicing of x9 Carrier Chillers and a compressor replacement.

FPSO Dalia (Total) – Singapore to Mozambique

Our HVAC Engineer was sent to Singapore to join the second leg of the voyage on board the FPSO Dalia. Our role was to commission the DX refrigerated cooling systems for the Electrical Substations and advise the Siemens PLC technician on the correct operating strategy for this type of system. We worked rigorously to build trends on the HMI and ensure the systems were working as efficiently as possible. The units were skid mounted McQuay Screw compressors with a common dual compressor arrangement for duty and standby operation. These then connected to a common evaporator coil with the air-handling units. A lot of time was spent working on the loading cycle to ensure the compressors were run as efficiently as possible.

LINC’s Wind Farm – Grimsby, UK (Siemens/Centrica)

We have carried out service and repairs to both the air conditioning systems on the main transformer platform at Linc’s Wind Farm. This has now turned into a service and maintenance contract allowing 3 monthly visits to be carried out. All mandatory F Gas leak checks and documentation have been set up to allow our client to conform with the latest F Gas Regulations.