F Gas Regulations for the Offshore Industry

DECC have published a guidance document which highlights the responsibilities of Oil & Gas Industry Operators when using F Gas refrigerants. Many of these obligations fall on the operator of the equipment so this is an important document to read and implement into your compliance systems.


Two of these obligations are:

A) Under Article 3(1) – prevent and repair as soon as possible detected leakages from all relevant equipment (regardless of F-gas levels contained therein) that are covered by the EU F-Gases Regulation.

(B) Under Article 3(2) – undertake periodic leakage inspections


Regulatory requirements on offshore Operators

We have highlighted some of the main topics covered by the regulations and listed them below:

Training and Assessment of HVAC Engineers
Mandatory Leak checking Requirements
Maintaining records and reporting
Monitoring and Annual reports to EEMS
Reporting unintentional emmissions
Recovery of F Gases
Record maintenance template
Reporting form
How to calculate to CO2 equivalent of F Gas emissions
What will be assessed by DECC’s offshore inspectors


To find out more information, we highly recommend reading the document from DECC by clicking on the link below. Then simply contact us if you have any questions about how to implement the regulations into your company procedures.

If you have engineers that need to be assessed to show compliance under the new F Gas regulations then please visit our training page for a list of relevant courses.