Who is The Operator?

The company in charge of the day to day running/operation of equipment containing F gas. In most circumstances this will be the installation operator of a production installation or the owner of a non-production installation.

Who can install, service, maintain, repair and decommission relevant equipment?

The Regulations allow operators to utilise contractors (service companies). Or appropriately qualified employees, companies servicing their own equipment do not require a company certificate from the relevant certifying organisation. However, employees still have to be appropriately qualified as individuals if they handle F gas, whether they work directly for an operator or a service company.

Who can purchase F gas?

An operator does not require a company certificate to purchase F gas from a supplier provided that its personnel are appropriately qualified (Article 11(4) of the EU Regulation).

What is the operator responsible for, either with or without a service company? 

  • Checking if the equipment contains F gas
  • Taking precautions to prevent the release of F gas
  • Taking all measures technically and economically feasible to minimise the release of F gas
  • Using qualified technicians
  • Checking the equipment for leaks
  • Installing and checking leak detection equipment
  • Repairing leaks
  • Recovering F gas when disposing of equipment
  • Keeping records and reporting to the Department

Any service company employed by an operator is required to keep copies of the records maintained by the operator. Service companies are also required to take precautionary measures to prevent the release of F gas.